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e are locals, we live in Granada and we love to enjoy our city. And we want to share the places here, the real ones, the ones we go to and where we meet with friends, where we shop when we want to do a party at home or when we want to give a gift to someone... Part of a A trip involves doing the things that the people of the place you visit do, enjoying like them, experience similar things. Then there is McDonald or Burger King, where you can always go. But we recommend that you take advantage of these tips

Granada is known not only for its impressive monuments and rich history, but also for its delicious cuisine. If you are planning to visit this beautiful city, you can’t miss the famous tapas of Granada.

Tapas are small portions of food served with a drink and are a fundamental part of Granada’s culinary culture. The best thing about tapas is that they are served free with your drink, which means you can try a variety of dishes without spending a lot of money.

In Granada, tapas are a tradition and can be found in practically any bar or restaurant in the city. There is a wide variety of tapas available, from classics such as patatas bravas or croquettes to more elaborate ones such as bacalao a la granadina (cod in grenadine sauce) or meatballs in sauce.

Here are some suggestions of restaurants and bars for both tapas and lunch:

If you stay at Colón Apartments o Albaicín Alhambra Viewsthe following options are close to your apartment:

Classic Restaurants in Granada, in some of them you can have tapas.

    • Bar Oliver
    • Cunini Restaurant (a must try the Russian salad)
    • Los Manueles Restaurant

The best in the area, but you have to book in advance.

    • The Merchant (a couple passionate about cooking, he in the dining room and she in the kitchen, make this restaurant a unique place in Granada. If you get table, do not hesitate).
    • Farala
    • Sibarius

For breakfast, we recommend

    • Gran Vía 9 Cafeteria (Lourdes puts all her love in making you have a special breakfast. Her toasts, something so simple, are made with care and her coffee is exceptional).

Typical Moroccan food

    • Almona Andalusian Palace

A special recommendation for tapas, are these bars of a family from Granada that has specialized in
fry better than anyone else, but you’ll have to go early because it fills up quickly. The fried shrimps are a must… and if you are attracted to casquería, try the brains.

    • The Diamonds

If you feel like a snackhere are the best in town, and at a very good price. Bread and amazing things inside. Try the African, the bean and ham or the classic San Francisco.

    • Aliatar Bar

A little piece of Asia in Granada. Manolo is a true artist
of the flavors of Asia and enjoy taking you on a gastronomic journey.

    • Noodle Rest

And if it is summer (from March to October) and it is open, you must try the best ice cream in the world.

    • Los Italianos Ice Cream Parlor

If you stay at
Grace Apartments
you have all of the above very close by, and a few more options right next to the apartment, in case you are in a hurry:

Typical food from Granada

    • Mariquilla Restaurant

For meat

    • La Carbonería de Medina

For tapas

    • La Sitarilla

If you like tuna, they are specialists in this one.

    • El Rinconcillo of Monica and David

A very special suggestion is to have dinner one day in the Albaicín. You won’t find the best food or prices, but the panoramic views of the Alhambra are really impressive.You will have the sensation of being transported several centuries back in time and in front of the monumental beauty of the Alhambra, a memorable experience. Some do not reserve so you have to go early if you want a table (try to get one with direct views of the Alhambra).

    • The Orchard of Juan Ranas
    • Las Tomasas Restaurant
    • Carmen Mirador de Aixa
    • Morayma viewpoint
    • Carmen Water

Other sites we recommend are:

    • Parrot’s Orchard
      (Spring or autumn afternoons, or the evenings of
      summer, you can have a beer or a drink (no food) in a spectacular, bohemian and magical place. So local that many locals don’t even know about it. Keep it a secret)

    • La Tana
      (A wine reference. Spectacular wine cellar, tavern where there is no kitchen but where you can enjoy the quality cold product in a simple and surprising way).

    • Mercato Italiano:
      (An Italian who does things the Italian way….. Inside the San Agustin market, with a short menu but with occasional mind-opening sessions dedicated to regions of Italy.

    • Calcio & Pepe
      (The Italian take-away – there are really only two tables inside – where the Italians living in Granada eat)

    • El Asador de Castilla
      (A representative of traditional food
      Castilian in Granada with incredible dishes such as suckling pig… where you can also have tapas at the bar. Value insurance)
    • The Cave (Granada business that was born from a sausage store, and that is integrated and sells its products in its own restaurants, where you can also buy to take away. There are several in Granada, but if you want to go to one I recommend the one in Plaza Santa Ana; from its terrace you have the candle tower above and it is a delight in the warm months).

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